Publications Combined: Marine Corps Expeditionary Combat Skills Training (MCECST)

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Marine Corps Expeditionary Combat Skills Training (MCECST) was originally Chaplain and Religious Program Specialist Expeditionary Skills Training (CREST-RP), and was established in October 1996 at the Field Medical Service School, Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune (renamed Field Medical Training Battalion in 2007). The purpose of MCECST is to train Navy Occupational Specialty (NOS) B720 in the skills essential for combat survival, delivery of religious program support in an expeditionary environment, and the several associated technical, military tactical, and defensive techniques required for duty with the Marine Corps operating forces. CONTENT: ANNEX A - USMC Orientation MCRD-HIST-1001/02/03 Marine Corps History MCRD-HIST-1004 Rank Structure of the USMC MCRD-LDR-1015 Marine Corps Leadership MCRD-MGTF-1001/2/3 Mission & Organization of USMC MCRD-UNIF-1001/02/05/06 Marine Corps Uniforms MCRD-UNIF-1003/04 Civilian Attire and Personal Appearance ANNEX B - Marine Corps Martial Arts Program MCRD-TAN-1001 Apply the Fundamentals of MCMAP MCRD-TAN-1002 Execute Punches MCRD-TAN-1003 Execute Falls MCRD-TAN-1004 Execute Bayonet Techniques MCRD-TAN-1005 Execute Upper Body Strikes MCRD-TAN-1006 Lower Body Strikes MCRD-TAN-1007 Execute Chokes MCRD-TAN-1008 Execute Legs Sweeps MCRD-TAN-1009 Execute Counters to Strikes MCRD-TAN-1010 Counters to Chokes and Holds MCRD-TAN-1011 Unarmed Manipulations MCRD-TAN-1012 Execute Armed Manipulations MCRD-TAN-1013 Execute Knife Techniques ANNEX C - Combat Life Saver MCRD-MED-1013/14 Treat Heat or Cold Injury ANNEX D - Ministry In Combat 2401-ADMN-2002 Manage a Marine Corps Command Religious Program (CRP) 2401-ADMN-2003 Religions/Practices Brief 2401-MED-2005 Religious Ministry Support in a Mass Casualty 2401-OPS-2001 Facilitate Religious Ministry in an Expeditionary Environment 2401-OPS-2002 Memorial Ceremony 2401-PAT-2001 Religious Ministry Team Force Protection MCRD-LDR-1001 Personal Assistance MCRD-LDR-1007 Operational Culture MCRD-LDR-1016/17/19 Combat Leadership MCRD-LDR-1018 Combat Operational Stress Control MCRD-LDR-1021/22/23 Code of Conduct and Your Rights and Obligations as a Prisoner of War ANNEX E - USMC Combat Skills MCRD-CBRN-1001 Employ the Field Protective Mask (FPM) MCRD-COMM-1001 Hand and Arm Signals MCRD-IND-1002 Camouflage Self and Equipment MCRD-IND-1003 Field Sanitation MCRD-IND-1004 March Under an Assault Load MCRD-PAT-1002/3 Introduction to Basic Map Reading, the Lensatic Compass, & Land Navigation MCRD-PAT-1005 Individual Movement Techniques MCT-CMBH-1001/02/03/04 Combat Hunter MCT-COMM-1002 Limited Visibility Devices MCT-COMM-1003/04 Radio Communications MCT-DEF-1001/2 Defensive Fundamentals MCT-IED-1001/2 Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) MCT-IND-1004 Maintain Sleep Hygiene MCT-MOUT-1001 Military Operations on Urban Terrain MCT-PAT-1001/3/4/5 Patrolling Fundamentals ANNEX G - Rifle Familiarization Marine Corps Reference Publication 3-01A, Rifle Marksmanship

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